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Subject Is there performance benchmark for PXF?
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2015 08:46:56 GMT
Hey guys,

Is there any performance benchmark for PXF interface? I would like to study what is the overhead
when performing a big tablescan by communicating through PXF REST interface.

It seems there's no Parquet HDFS plugin, so there's no direct way to do head-to-head comparison
with/without PXF framework.

Is there any internal benchmark result to share?

Also, since I haven't seen any detailed documents about how exactly PXF works, can you correct
me if I'm wrong?
In my understanding, bankend/access/external is the main component to handle PXF calls, so
any external table access will invoke this module to send request to local PXF-SERVICE ( where
the master node locate ). PXF-SERVICE is responsible to pickup the correct java libraries
and construct filters. It will first attempt to get fragments, and then assign fragments to
each Segment process ( try to match the hostname for data locality ), each Segment process
is going to talk with local PXF-SERVER and calls Accessor class in order to fetch data from
external storage, then pass back the result to Segment process through REST API.

Is my understanding correct?

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