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From janebeckman <...@git.apache.org>
Subject [GitHub] incubator-hawq-docs pull request #131: Document extending KDC ticket interva...
Date Wed, 11 Oct 2017 00:05:56 GMT
Github user janebeckman commented on a diff in the pull request:

    --- Diff: markdown/clientaccess/kerberos.html.md.erb ---
    @@ -515,6 +516,53 @@ Valid starting     Expires            Service principal
     After generating a ticket, you can connect to a HAWQ database as a kerberos-authenticated
user using `psql` or other client programs.
    +### <a id="change_ticket"></a>Changing the Ticket Renewal Interval
    +The lifetime of the Kerberos ticket may need to be changed. The ticket lifetime is the
minimum of the following values:
    +* `max_life` in `kdc.conf` on the KDC servers.
    +* `ticket_lifetime` in `krb5.conf` on the client
    +* maxlife for the user principal
    +* maxlife for the service principal in krbtgt\[REALM\]
    +* maxlife for the AFS service principal "afs/[realm_in_lower_case]"
    +* the requested lifetime in the ticket request
    +**Note:** The kdc.conf file supplements krb5.conf for programs using KDC. The kdc.conf
file contains defaults used when issuing Kerberos tickets, as well as KDC configuration information.

    +On starting HAWQ, the Resource Manager initializes the  kerberos ticket to expire after
12 hours. On KDC servers, this interval can be even longer. (Your specific configuration may
differ from these standards, so set the ticket to renew before your system ticket lifetime.)
Reset the `server_ticket_renew_interval`  to renew prior to the default value and restart
the cluster to have the new value take effect.
    +You will perform different procedures if you use Ambari for cluster management or manage
your cluster from the command line.
    +  1. If you manage your cluster using Ambari:
    +       1.  Login to the Ambari UI from a supported web browser.
    +       2. Navigate to the **HAWQ** service, **Configs > Advanced** tab and expand
the **Custom hawq-site** drop down.
    +       3. Set the value of  `server_ticket_renew_interval` to renew prior to the default
interval. For example set `server_ticket_renew_interval` to 18000000. This will renew the
ticket every five hours.
    +       4. **Save** this configuration change and then select the now orange **Restart
> Restart All Affected** menu button to restart your HAWQ cluster.
    +       5. Exit the Ambari UI.  
    +   2. If you manage your cluster from the command line:
    +      1.  On all KDC servers, open the KDC configuration file `/etc/krb5kdc/kdc.conf`
and change `max_life` to a value less than the renewal interval.
    --- End diff --
    Verify if it should be done for all KDC servers?


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