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From Harald Bögeholz <harald.boegeh...@monash.edu>
Subject how to report a bug?
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 02:22:14 GMT

I am relatively new to HAWQ. Nevertheless I think I may have found a bug
and would like to know how to go about reporting it. I have looked at
Jira, but I'm new to that as well.

Do I just create a bug ticket in Jira? I'm unsure what to put in the
"Component/s" and "Fix Version/s" fields.

Short description: I found that HAWQ segments keep open file handles on
deleted files thereby keeping the disk space from being released. I
believe this to be a bug since I can't imagine why this should be
desirable behavior.

What to do about it? Advice for a newbie would be appreciated.


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