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From Goden Yao <goden...@apache.org>
Subject IPMC VOTE Feedback (was Fwd: [VOTE] Apache HAWQ (incubating) Release
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2016 17:13:08 GMT
In case you're not in general incubator mailing list.
this is by far the most detailed, thorough analysis I got from IPMC.
As a community, we need to go through these items one by one and make sure
we resolve them for the next release candidate.

I'll start some preliminary work by filing JIRAs for items I think making
For arguable items, we should seek for mentor's guidance or suggestions.

Thanks all.

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Justin Mclean <justin@classsoftware.com>
Date: Tue, Jul 26, 2016 at 8:03 PM
Subject: Re: [VOTE] Apache HAWQ (incubating) Release
To: <general@incubator.apache.org>


-1 (binding) binary in source release, LICENSE and  NOTICE issues, ASF
header added to files not under Apache 2.0 license, possible inclusion of
GPL licensed software and possible Category X software included in release
(BSD with ad clause).

This is not a simple release to check and I may of missed a few things due
to the large amount of noise.

I checked:
- release contains incubating
- signatures and hashes good
- I’m not sure what the intent of COPYRIGHT is. I also don't think as it
has been suggested that this should be merged with NOTICE, NOTICE doesn’t
not list all copyrights just those that have be relocated from source
files. [1]
- NOTICE incorrecly contains a long list of copyright statements. I would
expect to see one or perhaps two here i.e. the original authors who donated
the software and who copyright statements were removed from the original
- LICENSE is missing a large number of things (see below)
- Please use the short form of the license linking to a license files in
- Looks like there is an unexpected binary in the release [2] May be others
given rat reports 770+ binary files
- Impossible to say if files have correct ASF headers or not, given the
large number of files with ASF headers (5000 odd files)
- Failed to compile form source but likely my setup

License is missing (in some cases note the different copyright owners)
- BSD licensed code [3]
- BSD license code [7]
- license for this file [9]
- license for this file [10] Are we OK this was taken form GNU C?
- MIT license PSI [11]
- BSD licensed code [12]
- BSD licensed code [13] Is this regard as cryptography code? [14]
- BSD licensed code [15][16]
- license for this file [17]
- license of these files [18][19]
- license of this file [20]
- regex license [21]
- How are these files licensed? [22] + others copyright AEG Automation GmbH
- How is this file licensed? [23]
- BSD licensed libpq [24]. Is this consider crypto code and may need an
export license?
- pgdump [25]
- license for this file [26]
- license for this file [27] Look like an ASF header may of been
incorrectly added to this.
- This BSD licensed file [36]
- license for these files [37][38] and others in [39]
- This BSD licensed file [40]
- This BSD licensed file [41]
- BSD licensed pychecker [42]
- licenses for all of these files [43]
- BSD license pg800 [44]
- how is this file licensed? [45]
- license for this file [47]
- Python license for this file [48]. Is this an Apache comparable license?
- How are these files licensed? [49] Note multiple copyright owners and
missing headers.
- BSD licensed fig leaf. [50] Note that files incorrectly has had ASF
headers applied.
- This BSD licensed file [51]
- This public domain style sheet [52]
- This file [53]
- License for unit test2 [54]
- MIT licensed lock file [55]
- JSON code here [56]
- License for this file [57]

And I may of missed some, as I wasn't doing a full review - that would
likely take many many hours.

Looks like GPL/LPGL licensed code may be included [4][5][6] in the release.

This file [8] and others(?) may incorrectly have an ASF headers on it. Also
why does this file have an ASF header with copyright line? [46]

Code includes code licensed under the 4 clause BSD license which is not
compatible with the Apache 2.0 license. [28][29][30][31][32][33] It may be
that this clause has been rescinded [35] and it OK to include but that
needs to be checked.

I’d suggest that build instructions  are included in the release rather
than a link to them. If the instructions at the URL change in the future
how do I know how to build this release?

Also some one owes me a beer!


1. http://www.apache.org/legal/src-headers.html#headers
2. depends/thirdparty/thrift/lib/erl/rebar
3. ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/unittest2-0.5.1/setup.py
4. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/debian/copyright (end of file)
5. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/doc/licenses/lgpl-2.1.txt
6. ./tools/bin/gppylib/operations/test/test_package.py
7. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/compiler/cpp/src/md5.?
8. ./tools/sbin/hawqstandbywatch.py
9. ./src/backend/port/dynloader/ultrix4.h
10. ./src/port/inet_aton.c
11. ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/PSI-0.3b2_gp/
12. ./src/port/snprintf.c
13 ./src/port/crypt.c
14. http://www.apache.org/dev/crypto.html
15. ./src/port/memcmp.c
16. ./src/backend/utils/mb/wstrcmp.c
17. ./src/port/rand.c
18. ./src/backend/utils/adt/inet_net_ntop.c
19. ./src/backend/utils/adt/inet_net_pton.c
20 ./src/port/strlcpy.c
21. ./src/backend/regex/COPYRIGHT
22. ./src/backend/port/qnx4/shm.c
23. ./src/backend/port/beos/shm.c
24. ./src/backend/libpq/sha2.?
25. ./src/bin/pg_dump/
26. ./src/port/gettimeofday.c
27. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/lib/cpp/src/thrift/windows/SocketPair.cpp
28. ./src/backend/port/dynloader/freebsd.c
29. ./src/backend/port/dynloader/netbsd.c
30. ./src/backend/port/dynloader/openbsd.c
31. ./src/bin/gpfdist/src/gpfdist/glob.c
32. ./src/bin/gpfdist/src/gpfdist/include/glob.h
33. ./src/include/port/win32_msvc/glob.h
34. ./src/port/glob.c
35. ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/pub/4bsd/README.Impt.License.Change
36. ./src/bin/pg_controldata/pg_controldata.c
37. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/aclocal/ax_cxx_compile_stdcxx_11.m4
38. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/aclocal/ax_boost_base.m4
39. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/aclocal
40. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/build/cmake/FindGLIB.cmake
41. ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/unittest2-0.5.1/setup.py
42. ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/pychecker-0.8.18/
43. ./src/interfaces/libpq/po/*.po
44. ./tools/bin/ext/pg8000/*
45. ./src/backend/utils/mb/Unicode/UCS_to_GB18030.pl
47 ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/lockfile-0.9.1/lockfile/pidlockfile.py
48 ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/pychecker-0.8.18/pychecker2/symbols.py
49.  ./src/backend/utils/mb/Unicode/*
50. ./tools/bin/ext/figleaf/*
51. ./depends/thirdparty/thrift/lib/py/compat/win32/stdint.h
52. ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/PyGreSQL-4.0/docs/default.css
53. ./src/test/locale/test-ctype.c
54 ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/unittest2-0.5.1/unittest2/
55. ./tools/bin/pythonSrc/lockfile-0.9.1/LICENSE
56. ./src/include/catalog/JSON
57. ./src/pl/plperl/ppport.h

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