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From "顾笑群" <shoutrain_...@aliyun.com>
Subject Hi,
Date Fri, 29 Apr 2016 10:22:30 GMT
Hi, All
Just compiled hawq on centos 7 successfully, and then met the following errors when i want
to init hawq(environment: centos 7, 8Gmem, openjdk 1.7).
[rafael@localhost bin]$ hawq init cluster
rafael@localhost's password: 
20160429:18:14:56:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-Prepare to do 'hawq init'
20160429:18:14:56:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-You can find log in:
20160429:18:14:56:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-/home/rafael/hawqAdminLogs/hawq_init_20160429.log
20160429:18:14:56:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-GPHOME is set to:
20160429:18:14:56:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-/home/rafael/programs/hawq
20160429:18:14:56:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-Init hawq with args: ['init', 'cluster']

Continue with HAWQ init Yy|Nn (default=N):
> y
20160429:18:14:57:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-No standby host configured, skip it
rafael@localhost's password: 
20160429:18:15:00:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-Check if hdfs path is available
20160429:18:15:00:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[WARNING]:-2016-04-29 18:15:00.254372, p71598, th140599729006912, WARNING the number of nodes in pipeline is 1 [localhost(], is less than the expected number of replica 3 for block [block pool ID: BP-253490- block ID 1073741829_1005] file /hawq_default/testFile
20160429:18:15:00:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-1 segment hosts defined
20160429:18:15:00:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[INFO]:-Set default_hash_table_bucket_number as: 3
rafael@localhost's password: 
rafael@localhost's password: rafael@localhost's password: 

rafael@localhost's password: 
rafael@localhost's password: rafael@localhost's password: 
rafael@localhost's password: 
rafael@localhost's password: 

rafael@localhost's password: 

20160429:18:15:24:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[ERROR]:-sync hawq-site.xml failed.
20160429:18:15:24:071396 hawq_init:localhost:rafael-[ERROR]:-Set default_hash_table_bucket_number failed
[rafael@localhost bin]$ 
Rafael Gu
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