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From Leon Zhang <leonca...@gmail.com>
Subject Performance issue about HAWQ 2.0 beta
Date Fri, 27 Nov 2015 07:43:45 GMT
Hi, HAWQ Developers:

   As my previous email hint, I run TPC-DS test on our development.
Comparing with previous version 1.3.x, we can see the performance
improvement on most of queries.

   But the problem is performance reduction for *some* queries. For
example, the query64, the running time increase from 10754.688 ms
to 68884.731 ms . I am not sure if any changes were made that increase the
running time?

   In order to discuss the detail about this issue, I would like use the
query10. The running time increase from 1795.746 ms to 744919.251 ms. I
also attache the sql about this query, and the query plan for this query.


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