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From "Amr El-Helw" <amr.elh...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Commenting on pull requests (was: Fwd: [jira] [Commented] (HAWQ-1) Remove .p4ignore files from source tree)
Date Tue, 22 Sep 2015 02:51:45 GMT
Thanks for starting this discussion Schubert.

One thing I can say is that, probably we need to be able to comment on 
pull requests, especially if a comment is specific to a particular line 
in the pull request (e.g. question about something in the code). It 
would be somewhat counter-intuitive if we say that it's not ok to 
comment on pull requests, because posting these comments to the jira 
ONLY will make it very hard to refer to the line in question.

If there is a mechanism to make those comments generate emails to this 
list automatically (similar to how fisheye today generates emails with 
every comment that's added), I think that would be ideal...

If not, then perhaps we can limit the comments there to things that are 
directly in the pull request, and move any discussions to the jira 
(although that line can be blurry sometimes). And either way, it would 
be nice to have some sort of notification whenever someone posts a 
comment to a pull request...

Also, I would like to hear how other ASF projects handle this.

- Amr

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From: "Michael Schubert" <mschubert@pivotal.io>
To: dev@hawq.incubator.apache.org
Sent: 9/21/2015 5:39:04 PM
Subject: Commenting on pull requests (was: Fwd: [jira] [Commented] 
(HAWQ-1) Remove .p4ignore files from source tree)

>Forwarding here to discuss on the list as something of a point of order 
>process for us to discuss. These are all open questions in my mind:
>* is it ok for people to comment on pull requests? (or rather: to have 
>discussion there)
>* should people be reminded to please re-post their comment on the JIRA
>* should we drop a link to the JIRA issue on such pull requests to 
>the conversation?
>Amr's comment was highly pertinent as the issue raised was regarding
>multiple p4ignore files but the patch only addressed one so letting it 
>unanswered or left on the pull request without reflecting it in JIRA 
>bad. Now of course he re-posted his comment on JIRA but for the sake of
>this discussion if he had not, I'm wondering how best to handle this.
>Have other ASF projects reached opinions on this matter?
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>From: Amr El-Helw (JIRA) <jira@apache.org>
>Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 1:08 PM
>Subject: [jira] [Commented] (HAWQ-1) Remove .p4ignore files from source 
>To: issues@hawq.incubator.apache.org
>     [
>Amr El-Helw commented on HAWQ-1:
>The pull request above only deletes one .p4ignore file. I have seen 
>than one such file in the source tree.
>(P.S. I already posted a comment in the pull request itself. Only 
>here since I'm not sure which is the proper channel to comment on 
>>  Remove .p4ignore files from source tree
>>  ---------------------------------------
>>                  Key: HAWQ-1
>>                  URL: https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HAWQ-1
>>              Project: Apache HAWQ
>>           Issue Type: Bug
>>          Environment: N/A
>>             Reporter: Gavin Sherry
>>             Priority: Minor
>>  I notice that there are .p4ignore files in the source tree. These are
>irrelevant since HAWQ is hosted in git.
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