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From Jochen Theodorou <blackd...@gmx.org>
Subject Re: [general] specialized JVM for Groovy
Date Sat, 04 Jun 2011 18:17:28 GMT
Am 04.06.2011 16:35, schrieb Krystal Mok:
> Hi Jochen,
> What you proposed sure is technically feasible, but whether it'd
> happen in Harmony, that's another story.

Oh I don't expect you guys to do that, I would do my own changed version.

> The three big JVMs, namely HotSpot, JRockit and J9 all perform some
> sort of idiom recognition to speed up common idioms. But it's quite
> unlikely for them to optimize for any single language other than
> Java. If any other language want to run fast on them, it'd either
> behave a lot like Java, or it should rely on invokedynamic to talk to
> the VM. The latter should be the recommended way to go, as time goes
> on, these JVMs should do very good job of optimizing dynamic usage.
> The missing pieces would be things like fixnums and the like, but
> since Groovy's type system is pretty close to Java's (and doesn't use
> fixnums like Ruby does), these shouldn't be a problem.

invokedynamic (I am in the EG) is a good thing for sure. But it does not 
solve all problems. Mainly there will be the guards, that swallow a lot 
of performance if you compare pure method calls. And we will still have 
to keep a lot of meta structures in memory, posing a GC problem.

  bye Jochen

Jochen "blackdrag" Theodorou
The Groovy Project Tech Lead
For Groovy programming sources visit http://groovy.codehaus.org

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