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From chris.g...@k-embedded-java.com
Subject Re: [classlib][nio] JDK 7 / WatchService support
Date Sun, 27 Feb 2011 10:25:55 GMT
> 2011/2/27 Ray Chen <clraychen@gmail.com>
>> Hi Jimmy,
>> Thank you for the information!
>> I have a question here, jpathwatch is in GPL license, can harmony use
>> that?
>> I am not an legal expert, just curious.
> Good question Ray, and I think it's OK if the owner hold the copyright and
> re-license it. ACQ and ICLA should be the legal insurance.

GPL + classpath exception FWIW.  (Personally I am baffled by the classpath
exception; I haven't a clue what "this library" or "independent modules"
translate to in Java terminology).

If Uwe is sole author then he can just add the option to use the code
under ASL.


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