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From 6yexqy8...@snkmail.com
Subject [classlib][nio] JDK 7 / WatchService support
Date Sat, 26 Feb 2011 05:26:00 GMT
Hi there,

I'm the author of jpathwatch (http://jpathwatch.wordpress.com), a library that implements
the JDK 7 WatchService API, allowing Java programs to monitor directories without polling.
It natively supports Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OSX, with fallbacks for unsupported platforms
and architectures.

jpathwatch supports JDK 5 and up, however, with JDK 7 jpathwatch will become somewhat obsolete
(since JDK 7 obviously implements it's own WatchService API, together with the other nio2

I'd be willing to donate jpathwatch to the Apache Harmony project. jpathwatch's API uses the
same class interfaces and method signatures as the JDK7 WatchService API, it's only the package
names that are different, which should be easy to change to fit into Harmony.
jpathwatch uses native libraries (implementing very thin wrappers around native OS functions),
these will have to be integrated as well, which I think should also be quite trivial.

Please let me know if there's interest in such a donation.



P.S.: Hope you don't mind the sneakemail address, I'm spam paranoid ;)

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