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From "Paul Anderson" <p_j_ander...@volny.cz>
Subject Re: AW: Harmony could be a world beater with the right strategy, not rot in the attic!
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 20:08:23 GMT
I'm thinking of a VM that would reuse Java's syntax (as Dalvik
does), but would not be tied to being 'Java' in the TCK/OpenJDK
sense. It would reuse de facto standard bytecodes (i.e. Dalvik's)
for 'run anywhere'. Porting of apps and frameworks might be done by
simple recompilation or by bytecode conversion as with
Java-to-Android for phone apps. 

Java developers' knowledge and IDE support would continue to be a
vital base, and a lot of developers would also code in other VM
language implementations on top of the class libraries, so Java's
syntax wouldn't be limiting. Stability and features would depend on
the Harmony team.

The sword of Damocles of patents would not then hang over the VM,
and the community would have freedom to take the VM forward in the
Dalvik spirit and escape the stagnation of the JVM. Apache has the
credibility and talent pool to do this and the nuts and bolts are
all there already. The relative priorities for VM porting would
depend on needs such as embedded/mobile, servers, etc.

I would love to see such a VM for server-side apps; and for
desktop/embedded Linux apps too if the performance and widget
bindings were good, and if there was VM support for languages like

Would this be feasible for Harmony as an alternative to a JVM
release or mouldering exile in the attic?

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