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From chris.g...@k-embedded-java.com
Subject Re: strong type cast needed in java. (overriding enhancement.)
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2010 15:15:56 GMT
Hi Prashanth,
>   I believe that all these kinds of features i.e. base/sub class access
> confusion, friend functions were all purposely avoided in JAVA to make
> life
> simple for the programmers and to get rid of crashes that might possibly
> occur on supporting the same.

I agree.  The "simple" syntax of Java already creaking under the weight of
enhancements such as generics, autoboxing, and varargs already interacting
to create subtle "gotchas" - and there's more to come in Project Coin et
al.  There's a trade-off between intended "convenience" and
behind-the-scenes complexity, and I think Java may already be heading for
the wrong side of that trade-off.

Anyway, Apache Harmony is a Java runtime not a compiler, and the features
which are being talked about here primarily concern the compiler.  So this
would be a matter for an experimental fork of ecj or gcj ...

best regards


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