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From "Volker Berlin" <volker.ber...@goebel-clan.de>
Subject RE: roadmap suggestion
Date Thu, 23 Dec 2010 10:02:22 GMT
> 2) Of the seven patents which Oracle claims Google is infringing:
>     http://en.swpat.org/wiki/Oracle_v._Google_(2010,_USA)#The_patents
> I don't see one which would be circumvented by using a 
> different bytecode,
> but SFAICS it is possible to build a JVM without infringing 
> any of them. 
> The same goes for the patents which are explicitly mentioned 
> in the JVM
> spec - they relate to optimisations and not to the bytecode 
> itself. Did I
> miss something?

If I understand this patents then this are related to every VM. Does Microsoft has license
this patents for .NET? Has
the MONO project licence this patents?

Currently I see only to see the result of the Oracle / Google conflict. I tink the most of
this patents are prior art.
Other can be trivial. If Google has removed the patents mines then Harmony can be continue.

Another option can be to develop Harmony in Europa. This are US patents which are not valid
in the remainder of the
world. The european patents right does not accept such trivial patents. If the patent expired
in some years then a very
stable Harmony can also used also in the USA.


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