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From "Paul Anderson" <p_j_ander...@volny.cz>
Subject Harmony could be a world beater with the right strategy, not rot in the attic!
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 18:02:18 GMT
Many developers have shunned Mono and now Java is suffering similar
Dalvik is improving but is not commonly available as a standalone
package independent from Android and without bare metal

There's a huge opportunity for a widely-ported VM that implements a
de facto standard open bytecode (e.g. Dalvik's), builds on
performance experience from JVM's, is Apache licensed (for community
trust), and can be used for running other languages such as Scala
and JRuby. An Apache-defined subset of Java class libraries, or even
an Apache-specified set with a test kit, would be enough to do that
- the VM would not need all the class libraries to be useful. In the
Linux world it might become popular on the desktop where Java never
did - Vala has brought gtk programming up-to-date, but Harmony could
succeed with qt etc. too.

An Apache-licensed modular universal VM with popular languages and
enough of a well-defined class library to base them on would be a
huge force - even better if it were OSGi-based. Could this be done
and would it attract developers? Why try to make Harmony 'Java' at
all? Forget the attic!

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