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From Andreas Sewe <s...@st.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
Subject Re: How should older milestones be maintained?
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2010 08:53:54 GMT
Hi Krystal,

> Yes, that's exactly the same problem I ran into. Your patch is much more
> comprehensive than mine. I downloaded a few dependencies by hand during the
> build, but couldn't remember which ones they were. Thanks a lot for the
> patch!

You're welcome. Feel free to feed it into the MRP issue tracker, if Ian 
Rogers doesn't pull changes from Jikes RVM anymore.

> By the way, have you run tests on Jikes RVM with Harmony? The last time I
> built MRP on Ubuntu, which was sometime in May, it couldn't even run
> HelloWorld, but threw some error message like this during VM startup:
> *JikesRVM: unexpected hardware trap outside of RVM address space*
> Something was obviously wrong with zlib, as the VM seem to have crashed in
> zlib's inflate_table(). But Jikes RVM/MRP doesn't use zlib directly, do
> they? So it seem rather like a problem in the class library instead. Haven't
> investigated into the problem yet, just want to know if anyone had the same
> problem before.

Yes, a number of tests in the "tiny" test suite (I assume MRP has the 
same suite somewhere under ./testing) also exhibit this problem -- but 
not all, though.

That being said, I haven't investigated this problem yet, as I first 
wanted to get the patch to the build scripts out of the door before 
filing yet another bug report. If you want to investigate further, 
however, I think we could team up (off-list) on this; I guess Jikes RVM 
and MRP don't differ significantly with respect to this issue. 
(Ultimately, I want Jikes RVM to use version 6.0-MR3+ of Harmony, as I 
need to run some Scala 2.8 programs on it -- and Scala makes judicious 
use of newer JRE features.)

Best wishes,


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