Hello Mark:

Even with version 3.5.1 I still get the errors relating to "The type package-info is already defined"

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Re: [testing] Type <x> already defined error in Harmony6

Olivier Thomann writes:
> Mark Hindess <mark.hindess@googlemail.com> wrote on 2010-10-13 17:30:02:
> > That does seem likely.  I update ecj to 3.6.1 last week (prior to
> > that we were on 3.5.1 which might be worth trying).  It looks like
> > the fix is only in nightly builds.
> It is in latest I-build:
> Search for ecj-I20101012-0800.jar.
> It will be in the upcoming 3.7M3 build.
> If you want a fix for 3.6.2, please update the bug report and explain
> why :-).

I guess we'd be happy enough pointing at the 3.7M3 milestone.  I was
wondering if in the meantime dropping back to 3.5.1 might be a good
idea.  Guillermo does 3.5.1 work for you?