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From Garrett Serack <garre...@microsoft.com>
Subject RE: Windows 64-bit can't work on Windows 2003
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 14:39:33 GMT

Tim > Thanks for the explanation Garrett.  I have some further questions/comments below.
Tim >
Tim >So when Regis wrote:
Tim >  "I checked manifest file in java.exe, CRT version is 8.0.50608.0,
Tim >   but CRT dlls shipped with our build is 8.00.50727.42"
Tim >
Tim > that implies our build script did not package the same version of DLL as the linker
found and linked against, right?

(I talked about this in the reply to Regis' response.)

It sounds like the binding policy isn't installed. 

GS > VC++ looks at the most recent version of the C++
GS > libraries on the developer's system, and embeds that version in with 
GS > the executable.

Tim > Hmm, Regis says the manifest called for 8.0.50608.0 but the version we shipped was
8.00.50727.42 -- implying the version we packaged *was* a more recent version found on the
developer's system.


Tim > We are putting the crt's into the package at the moment.  I agree carrying around
our own copy is not what we 'really really' want but...

The zip file that Regis points to does not contain the CRT runtimes. He was unpacking a snapshot
zip file, not using an installer.

Tim > ...this option requires we have a more prominent readme or equivalent that says "You
need to run this installer before our code will work", which also is not what we 'really really'
want either.
Tim > On balance I think I'd prefer to take the crt with me.  If we remove the Manifests
then I assume we lose some important benefits too though.

The *intended* method is to use the VC runtime .msm merge module when you build your .MSI

If you are going to have the .zip file snapshots, you may want to include the installer .EXE
of the runtime redistributable in there.

If you'd like (and our timezones are somewhat compatible), I can give you a phone call and
we can discuss this more.

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