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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject [jira] Bulk change of issues targeting next milestone
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 10:48:24 GMT
There are 13 JIRAs listed as "fix for" the next milestone, but I don't
see any that are blockers for us publishing.

HARMONY-6638	[classlib][nio]Some Selector behavior fixed.
HARMONY-6620	[jdktools] Unit tests to test the functionality of the
javac/javaw binaries
HARMONY-6608	[classlib][archive]Unit tests to improve the coverage of
archive module
HARMONY-6585	[classlib][luni]HTTPURLConnectionImpl fails to store
Cookies set by the application
HARMONY-6584	[classlib][nio]SocketChannel should throw
AsynchronousCloseException if the channel is closed in another thread
HARMONY-6522	[classlib][luni] HttpURLConnection returns unread data from
previous chunked response
HARMONY-6521	[classlib][luni] HttpURLConnection.getResponseCode() hangs
on incomplete chunked response
HARMONY-6519	[classlib][archive] support .txt files are not text/plain files
HARMONY-6515	[classlib][regex] incorrect/confusing Pattern matching
HARMONY-6505	H2 Database exposes Harmony JIT bug
HARMONY-6474	[classlib][concurrent]CopyOnWrite.equals throws
HARMONY-6469	[classlib][luni]ObjectInputStream has unreached code.
HARMONY-6459	[classlib] [portlib] unix/hysock.c hysock_sockaddr_init6
has redundant code

I'm going to bulk change them to remove the next milestone target -- if
you see a blocker or regression here please say.


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