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From chris.g...@k-embedded-java.com
Subject Re: [classlib][x-net] Creating a provider based on OpenSSL
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 20:40:14 GMT
Hi Oliver,

>> - Set a single global set of native RNG callback functions that then
>> figures out (somehow) who made the original call into the OpenSSL
>> natives and uses the appropriate SecureRandom implementation. This
>> would be tricky, but might be possible. I imagine we could look up the
>> stack for the last Java (i.e. non-native) frame and could get the
>> SecureRandom reference from that class.
> I went for something like this option in the end using ThreadLocals to
> get back my SSLParameters class when we're in the RNG functions (thanks
> to Cath Hope for this idea!). I'm not completely satisfied with the
> solution, but it works and is fairly simple. In the case where no
> SecureRandom implementation is provided the code falls back to the
> OpenSSL default RNG functions.

The only problem I see with this is that it assumes that all calls to a
particular SSL engine instance will be made from a single thread. That may
not be the case if for example the SSL connection is established by a
"main" or "startup" thread and then messages will be sent on that
connection by an EventListener which is run by a quite different thread.
That would lead to extremely puzzling bugs 8-0. From that point of view I
would prefer an implementation which simply ignored the user-supplied
SecureRandom (and clearly documented this behaviour).

I also have to say that if this is the biggest unsolved problem you still
have, I'm pretty impressed.

Best regards

Chris Gray

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