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From "Giampaolo Tomassoni" <Giampa...@Tomassoni.biz>
Subject RE: [legal?] Any implication in using Harmony's print module in Android?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2010 00:25:35 GMT
> > So, why nobody did yet do it?
> >
> > I posted a similar question in the "Android discuss" list, but nobody
> > replied.
> I'm reluctant to speculate when they chose not to answer for
> themselves.
> However, if you look at the manifest for the print.jar you will find
> that
> it imports:
>  java.awt,
>  java.awt.event,
>  java.awt.font,
>  java.awt.geom,
>  java.awt.image,
>  java.awt.image.renderable,
>  java.awt.print,
>  java.beans,
>  java.io,
>  java.lang,
>  java.lang.annotation,
>  java.lang.reflect,
>  java.net,
>  java.nio,
>  java.security,
>  java.text,
>  java.util,
>  javax.accessibility,
>  javax.imageio,
>  javax.swing,
>  javax.swing.border,
>  javax.swing.event,
>  javax.swing.text,
>  org.apache.harmony.awt.gl,
>  org.apache.harmony.awt.gl.windows,
>  org.apache.harmony.kernel.vm
> I'm not familiar with the set of modules that are included in Android
> but I am pretty sure some of these dependencies are not included.
> Therefore your question becomes:
>   why nobody did yet port the print module and enough of awt, swing,
>   beans, etc. to make it work?
> You are probably correct that porting the print module would be
> relatively trivial (since for linux it is pure java) but the same is
> likely not true of all the dependencies.

Well, I was probably a bit too wide in scope. Porting into Android the
javax.print package means to me that only part of the package itself would
be needed. Notably, the UI stuff wouldn't. It wouldn't even need to support
any java.awt.print facility.

>From the application standpoint, the core classes of such a printing
facility in Android would then be the PrintServiceLookup one and its non-ui
relatives (PrintService, in example), then of course Doc, DocPrintJob,
StreamPrintService+Factory and their relatives.

Then, the basic idea would eventually be to give access to printing from
Android using most of the features available from the well-consolidated
javax.print printing API. This is for ease of use to application coders, of

Document rendering could even use a completely different approach then the
AWT-based one, in example an application could use Apache FOP to allow
rendering in the printer's PDL. Or instead an application could simply
discover printers accepting a specific PDF (XHTML-Print, in example).

Also, a re-packaging of the javax.print package makes of course sense to me.

But anyway, many of the javax.print classes would be simply "stolen" from
the Harmony tree. That arose my question about legal issues.

> > Is there any licensing issue with this?
> The license for the print module is the same as the others - ALv2.

Which seems fine to me.

> > I'm quite new to the Android and Harmony world, so please forgive me
> > if I'm missing something.
> No problem.
> Regards,
>  Mark.

Thank you Mark.


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