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From "Giampaolo Tomassoni" <Giampa...@Tomassoni.biz>
Subject [legal?] Any implication in using Harmony's print module in Android?
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2010 22:43:44 GMT
Hi everybody.

I see Android misses any printing support at all, while it comes with
full-fledged networking capabilities (dialup, wifi, bluetooth).

This seems quite weird to me, even because porting there (and eventually
adapting/extending) the javax.print API module from Harmony won't seem a too
complex task to me.

So, why nobody did yet do it?

I posted a similar question in the "Android discuss" list, but nobody

Is there any licensing issue with this?

I'm quite new to the Android and Harmony world, so please forgive me if I'm
missing something.

Thank you,


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