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From Charles Lee <littlee1...@gmail.com>
Subject [hadoop]Status about hadoop unit testing.
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2010 05:49:45 GMT
Hi guys,

I am running hadoop unit testing and trying to fix some failures for a
while. Combining two great projects excites me a lot. Here is my current

Harmony 6 (requires by hadoop) + linux 32 platform

Using: run-test-core
Whole test cases:  757
Failures: 8
Errors: 25

To get this result, some code need to be changed in hadoop-common [0], some
jiras should be commited [1] and some modules I borrowed from RI [2].

a. UserGroupInformation.java should be changed, because hadoop hard coding
the its login module, using com.sun.security things.
b. reduce the failure trying times from 45 to 2. Because junit testcase will
be timeout if we are trying 45 times. (ri also failed on this)

a. HARMONY-6529 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6529>. hadoop is required jdk1.6,
patch available.
b. HARMONY-6561 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6561> Fixed
c. HARMONY-6569 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6569> Fixed
d. HARMONY-6571 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6571> JNDI things
e. HARMONY-6575 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6575> It may be a drlvm, in my todo
f.  HARMONY-6580 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6580>,
g. HARMONY-6587 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6587> Fixed
h. HARMONY-6604 </jira/browse/HARMONY-6604> Behavior different between ri
and harmony

a. add tools.jar, which in the harmony jdk/lib, in the
bootclasspath.properties. Ant try to find the com.sun.tools.javac.Main to
determine whether JAVA_HOME is point to a jre or a jdk. This jar is not from
ri, but we may need to change our layout a little bit.
b. add ecj.jar to the $ANT_HOME/lib or add it in the
c. javax.annotation.processing, javax.lang.model, javax.tools, these package
borrow from RI, which is missing in harmony java6.
d. sun.security.krb5, this package borrow from RI. Do we have couterpart in
harmony? I have not found one.
e. sun.misc.HexDumpEncoder, this borrow from RI. Missing in harmony java6.
f.  sun.reflect.ReflectionFactory, this borrow from RI. Missing in harmony
java6. [3]
g. sun/misc/Unsafe.defineClass(Ljava/lang/String;[BIILjava/lang/ClassLoader;Ljava/security/ProtectionDomain;)Ljava/lang/Class;
This method is not defined in our Unsafe. [3]
h. javadoc and doclet package is borrowed from RI. Missing in harmony java6.
Is is one of our GSoC now?

f and g in [2] is raised from a popular project: mockito. Mockito is using
another project: objenesis. Now g is at the top of my todo list.

Yours sincerely,
Charles Lee

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