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From chris.g...@k-embedded-java.com
Subject Re: [classlib][x-net] Creating a provider based on OpenSSL
Date Mon, 19 Jul 2010 20:08:20 GMT
Hi Oliver,

> I'm currently investigating the possibility of implementing a JSSE
> provider wrapping OpenSSL.

This would be a great idea, but don't underestimate he task. IIRC there is
at least one abandoned project on SourceForge to do something similar. I
also know of at least one proprietary (company-internal) project which
does something of the sort, and there are probably many others - all
implementing just as much of JSSE as the company in question needs, and no

At first sight there seems to be little commonality between the two APIs,
so actually implementing the whole of JSSE looks like a daunting task.
Don't let me put you off though!

Best regards

Chris Gray

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