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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [general] Windows 7 support
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 22:33:46 GMT

In message <AANLkTilUQ6E43kGN2aJDiA8sfXWoCyoEoLRSFtIybfYN@mail.gmail.com>,
Antony Miguel writes:
> 32-bit please :)


These are debug rather than release builds.  I'm happy to make release
builds if they are more suited to your requirements.  I've only made
java5 artifacts but let me know if you wanted java7.

It would be useful if you could run the tests and report the results
back.  If you get the hdk build and unzip it you can run the tests with:

  ant -f harmony-5.0-hdk-958744/build/test/build.xml

> I believe XP->Vista broke with tradition much more Vista->Windows 7 so
> I would imagine if Harmony works on Vista then it would very likely
> work for the vast majority on Windows 7.
> As I've said I would suggest that that "it will probably work on
> future versions" should be the default assumption, or at least that
> the version check could be a warning which could be overridden with
> a command line switch?  That way you could retain the forced exit if
> you wished but people creating products on top of Harmony would have
> the option to use the command line switch in the knowledge that their
> products would work wherever possible and wouldn't just exit because
> Microsoft had released a new version.

I don't disagree.  This change was easier for now.  Assuming the test
results are consistent on windows 7 then accepting dwMajorVersion >=
6 is probably reasonable.  However, until we know if the tests run
correctly on windows 7, allowing versions greater than that doesn't
really make sense.


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