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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject [porting] Quick update on FreeBSD porting
Date Wed, 09 Jun 2010 19:49:14 GMT

I've made some more progress on FreeBSD porting.  Both x86 and x86_64
are now at the point where they are able to run ant/ecj/junit thus the
builds can run on a Harmony JRE.  Unfortunately there is an outstanding
JIT issue which means that -Xint must always be used on x86.  (I think
Ilya was looking at this?)

I've fixed most of the networking issues up to a point.  However,
FreeBSD is really more like Windows in the way it supports IPv4/IPv6
addresses/sockets so there isn't much more I can do without
re-implementing the unix natives to support the same dual socket
mechanisms used in the windows natives.  I don't really have much
enthusiasm for the major redesign/refactoring that would be needed to do
this work properly.  There are some good descriptions of the problems
that the current implementation has at [0] and [1].

These references don't even begin to explain the confusing behaviour
seen when you are trying to debug these issues.  For example, if you
take an IPv6 udp socket with IPV6_V6ONLY set to zero, connect to a
mapped IPv4 address, then call send.  It fails with 'Invalid argument'
(an errno that isn't even mentioned in the send man page - which is odd
since FreeBSD man pages are excellent).  I'd have expected the connect
to fail (w/No route to host) if it was going to fail.  (Indeed it does
fail this way if you set IPV6_V6ONLY to 1.)

Things work reasonably well if you set -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true.

There are several other failures but most of these seem to be down to
differences in platform behaviour and the existing FreeBSDs seem to fail
a lot of these too - so I'd put these down as invalid tests.  I intend
to continue to investigate the remaining test failures if/when I have

I will probably produce a FreeBSD/x86_64 download for the next milestone
release so people can kick it a little and raise bugs for things that
they'd like to see fixed for real world applications.

If we can resolve the x86 issue I'll build one for that arch too.


[0] http://diario.beerensalat.info/2008/10/12/java_and_ipv6_on_bsd.html
[1] http://fixunix.com/freebsd/544872-java-ipv6-bsd-does-not-work-well.html

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