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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [Proposal] Harmony Select Milestone One
Date Tue, 25 May 2010 08:31:49 GMT
On 25/May/2010 08:34, Jimmy,Jing Lv wrote:
>       We are very close to publish Harmony5 M14 and Harmony6 M2, what great
> achievements since we created Harmony project!

+1 !

>       Now we may think about something different, satisfy more requirements.
> Different application requirement need different JRE - it may differ very
> much in class-lib modules, providers, and VMs.  Harmony select, say, a
> smaller, more flexible harmony runtime, may be a good candidate in such
> environments. We may not follow Oracle/Sun exactly in this runtime, allow
> more innovations, different modules selections,  and different
> functionalities to meet different requirements. We may also call for more
> input from real Java applications, developers, especially hot open-source
> projects who are the potential customers of Harmony.

We have discussed this on and off a few times over a period of time.  I
think the definition of which modules go into the Select runtime should
still be flexible as we discover what applications really use, and while
I agree that we can be innovative I also think we need to maintain the
precise API behavior of the SE builds so that Select is useful to
regular Java programmers.

>       We've already created an initial target in Harmony to build a Select
> binary. We remove some client-side related modules (like AWT, swing etc) to
> reduce the size while keep the main functionality for server side
> applications. This is a startup, very far from the finial versions. However
> I believe we can start some milestones with defined criterion like standard
> Harmony.

I've not been building regularly with the Select shape.  I'd like to
have a run through to see how it looks.

So I just need to use the regular source tree and build with
"ant -Dhy.select=true"


>       For the first milestone of Harmony-Select, I suggest we'd have
> following criterion:
> 1. build pass on both windows/linux platforms;
> 2. pass all Harmony unit testcases in the selected module on these
> platforms;
> 3. Choose Apache Hadoop as a real Application test, pass its common test on
> these platforms for the first milestone.
>       Wait for any kindly suggestions, opinions and comments.

Maybe just semantics, but it is possibly too early to declare a
milestone.  How about we publish some snapshots of Harmony Select on
it's own webpage (describing what it is) so people can try it.  Once we
get into a position where it is useful for 1,2,3 above we can declare


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