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From Jing Lv <purefirestu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [GSoC] Proposal for HARMONY-6457
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2010 14:55:14 GMT
Hi Daniel,

     That is great. Welcome!
     And I believe you can discuss directly with the project mentor as well,
which will be more efficient and help you understand the problem better.

2010/4/3 Daniel Gong <daniel.gong.fudan@gmail.com>

> Hello everyone,
>    Last year I've worked as a gsoc student in Harmony and learned a lot
> during the project. I'm eager to participate gsoc 2010 and looking forward
> to working in Harmony as well :)
>    I've submit my proposal to the gsoc project website. For your
> convenience, I'd like to post it here and discuss it with you. I've skimmed
> through the document of JPDA and I'm currently read some jdwp source code
> to
> get familiar with the logging system.
> =====================================================================
> *Student Name:*
> Linghui Gong
> *Student E-mail:*
> daniel.gong.fudan@gmail.com
> *Student Major:*
> Computer Science
> *Student Degree:*
> Studying for Master of Science Degree, 2nd year
> *Organization/Project:*
> Harmony Project, The Apache Software Foundation
> *Assigned Mentor:*
> Sean Qiu
> *Proposal Abstract:*
> The aim of the project is trying to enhance harmony's jdwp log system to
> facilitate jdwp debugging by adding support of thread information and
> implementing a log analyzer to sort log messages according to user demands
> and find out bug-prone message.
> *Detailed Description:*
> Harmony current JDWP agent have full logging functionality. But all log
> messages are messed up regardless of its running thread information.
> On the other hand, Harmony JDWP support a lot of types log level, user need
> to rerun the appilcation to get different type of log. It would be much
> convenient if we have a log analyzer to help sort out log messages, then we
> can only need get the all log message.
> This project should include the following steps:
> 1. Modify the jdwp agent code to support thread information in the log.
> 2. Implement a log analyzer that can sort out different kind of log
> messages
> according to user demands.
> 3. Improve the log analyzer to make it enable to analyze the log message
> sequence with context and find out bug-prone log message.
> I've read part of the jdwp source code and I believe the first two steps
> are
> not difficult to implement. The last step is a challenging one.
> In my understanding, some messages may be judged as bug-prone one only with
> information from itself and others may need context to decide, which
> indicates that sequence analysis should be included in the analyzer.
> Methods
> such as rule-based classification or heuristic pattern recognition can be
> employed to accomplish the task. In my experience, I've used
> CRF(Conditional
> Random Fields) to analyze sentences and tag words and phrases. It works
> well. However, currently I'm not very sure that this is the best choice for
> this project. Several literature I've read claimed that rule-based
> classification costs less but is more adjustable and gives decent result. I
> need to do more investigating.
> *Draft Timeline*
>   - Week 1      Read and understand the JDWP logging related code;
>   - Week 2      Read and get familiar with the JDWP and JVMTI document;
>   - Week 3-4   Complete the thread information support;
>   - Week 5-6   Implement the log analyzer initial version with log sorting
>   functionality;
>   - Week 7-10  Add the bug-prone message judgement functionality to the
>   analyzer;
>   - Week 11    Fix all bugs left and complete the documentian work.
> *Available Time*
>   - Generally, I have 14~16 hours per week in average guaranteed working on
>   the subject.
>   - I'm a 2nd year graduate student and do not have any classes or exams to
>   attend, which allow me to have enough time to complete the project.
>  *Additional Information:*
> I've been learning and using Java since 4 years ago. In the past I've
> complete several projects based on java, including a mini library
> management
> system, a text stream clustering system, a search engine project based on
> Apache Lucene. I've got rich experience of Java language, programming and
> debugging from them.
> Last year I've participated in Google Summer of Code and successfully
> accomplished the harmony-classes-selector project of Harmony under the
> mentoring of Regis. In the project, I came across JVMTI in the first time
> and built an agent for the project. As a result, I became very interested
> in
> Java runtime technology and I've learned and got to know more knowledge in
> this area including Java class file format, instrumentation, JPDA and so
> on.
> I believe these professional knowledge and my other knowledge in
> programming
> and software architecture can help me to learn fast and handle the problem.
> I'm 24 years old, living in Shanghai, China, studying in Fudan University.
> =====================================================================
> Thanks for your attention!
> Best wishes
> Daniel Gong

Best Regards,
Lv Jing
Apache Harmony PMC

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