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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [general] Open Source Jumpstart London 2010
Date Thu, 22 Apr 2010 08:22:41 GMT

In message <w2qc30d70961004202307ybd6c9226q144c67645196ffb0@mail.gmail.com>,
Alexei Fedotov writes:
> Mark,
> I see IBM, Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank participated in the event.
> Do you know any reference explaining more about event organization,
> e.g. who may sponsor event like this in Moscow?

I was one of the organisers.  It was really just organised by
individuals that happened to work for those companies[0] rather than
by "companies" as such.  At the London Java Unconference last year,
there was a session to discuss the question "what can graduates do to
distinguish themselves from their peers?"[1] posed by Barry Clearview, a
recruiter who runs a Graduate Developer Community.

This event was part of the answer.

You really need to find some committed individuals to organise it.  We
were fortunate to find several of these at the London Java Unconference
and via other contacts in the London Java Community (also run by Barry).
What you really need to replicate the event is a Zoe Slattery!  She
persuaded IBM to let us have the venue andpay for lunch, and did a huge
amount of organising everything else (including the other organisers).

Are there any user groups or similar you could work with in Moscow?  You
could also see if there are any "local" mentors registered in the Apache
Community Development "find a mentor" app[2]?

You also need to invite graduates.  Obviously, Barry invited members
of the Graduate Development Community that he organises.  If there
is no equivalent community, you could probably just contact regional
universities directly.


[0] Although IBM provided the venue and the IBM Innovation Centre
    provided sponsorship to cover other costs.

[1] The question was something like that, I don't really recall exactly.

[2] http://community.zones.apache.org/

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