Hello guys,
I had some problem to solve saturday. So I started working on serialver implementation on sunday and finished testing on monday. It's all there, except -show. So I'm attaching the patch (SVN), because I didn't find a jira bug for serialver implementation. I'm having some problems on setting up eclipse to dev, but I'll send them on another email to the list.


2010/3/12 Mark Hindess <mark.hindess@googlemail.com>

In message <a58adbb51003111635g379c82eep37726b2f3f5a132f@mail.gmail.com>,
Marcos Roriz writes:
> Done, I sended the forms filled.
> I checked out the code and now I'll try to familiarize with the code,
> any tip, for where should I start to look for the "jdktools" general
> stuff? I've started looking in the samsa "launcher".

For the record, I had a chat to Marcos last night on IRC and suggested
that he take a look at implementing the 'serialver' jdk tool[0] and
create a JIRA/patch.


[0] Just the command line interface - ignoring the -show GUI for now.

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