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From enh <...@google.com>
Subject StringTest.test_getBytesLCharset
Date Wed, 10 Mar 2010 01:25:05 GMT
can anyone explain this test?

       byte[] someBytes = new byte[]{'T','h','i','s',' ','
','i','s',' ','t','e','s','t',' ','b','y','t','e','s'};
       SortedMap<String, Charset> charsets = Charset.availableCharsets();
       if (charsets.size() >= 2){
           assertTrue(bytesEquals(someBytes,new String(someBytes,

i don't understand why it's necessarily true that we can roundtrip
between the first and last charsets in the map. surely that depends on
the exact contents of the map? or am i missing something?

was the intention to iterate through the map and try to round-trip for
each charset in the map?

(this is on the java 6 branch.)

Elliott Hughes - http://who/enh - http://jessies.org/~enh/

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