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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [general] Feature Freeze for Milestone 5.0M13 and 6.0M1
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 15:48:19 GMT

In message <201002192321.o1JNLc4G030074@d12av01.megacenter.de.ibm.com>,
"Mark Hindess" writes:
> Just a reminder that we are now in gearing up for milestone releases
> so we are in feature freeze across all code streams.  No major new
> functionality should be committed from now until the milestone
> releases are completed.  Commits specifically for bug fixes are
> permitted.
> We should track issues that must be fixed with JIRA using the "Fix
> for" field.  To see the current must fix issues visit the Harmony JIRA
> page at:
>   http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY
> and click on the "5.0M13" or "6.0M1" entries in the Versions column.

FYI: clicking on the "Roadmap" view shows both lists on one page.

> Currently there are four blocking issues:
>   HARMONY-6399 has been resolved now and can be closed
>   HARMONY-6420 should never have been a blocker since it is a task
>                not a bug
>   HARMONY-6409 not sure about this one
>   HARMONY-6449 are new tests so not regressions and I think there was
>                some agreement that these should not delay our releases
> If any of these issues were reported by you and/or assigned to you
> please review them and confirm that the "must fix" status is warranted
> or remove it (or fix it if it is a bug I suppose).

I gave up waiting and I've gone through the JIRA that were marked as
"fix for" 5.0M13 and 6.0M1.  If you disagree please speak up now.


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