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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: harmony & freebsd
Date Wed, 24 Feb 2010 09:29:19 GMT

(I've dropped the ASF Infra Private <infrastructure-private@apache.org>
from the cc to avoid unintentional public replies.)

In message <4B84A88E.3070301@p6m7g8.com>, "Philip M. Gollucci" writes:
> Hi harmony!,


> We might be looking to start using harmony on people.apache.org
> (minotaur) after we update to stable/8 since the freebsd port
> java/jdk16 is having compile issues right now.
> Compile log is available here:
> http://tb.apache.org/errors/8-STABLE-people/jdk-
> If you have any insights into the above issue please reply to me
> directly or on infrastructure@.

We can't really help with that.  Since Harmony contributors are by
definition not permitted to look at details of the non-ALv2 compatible
implementations of java and looking at compile logs might expose us to
such details.

> Additionally, we'd be interested in knowing how well supported harmony
> is on FreeBSD 8 and how well it would work with ant, anika, and
> velocity [aka be able to build www.apache.org and others at minimum]

I have no idea about the current status.  Way back in 6.3 days I did
get drlvm/classlib to build on FreeBSD but there were thread library
issues (with either of the three thread library choices at the time)
that prevented it from running.  I don't recall clearly but I think
this had to do with recursive mutexes.  The details will be in the mail

If I get a moment, I'll set up a FreeBSD 8 system and take a look at
the current state of things.

> Finally, on a personal note, why is it that nobody has contributed a
> freebsd harmony port?

I suspect that part of the problem is that due to the history of Java
on FreeBSD, many potential contributors will have looked at non-ALv2
compatible implementations which limits what they can contribute to
Harmony due to the contribution policy (ACQ) restrictions.


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