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From Alexey Varlamov <alexey.v.varla...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: harmony vm as a lib
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2010 10:28:38 GMT
2010/1/4 Regis <xu.regis@gmail.com>:
> On 2010-01-04 12:55, Tim Prepscius wrote:
>> That was the plan.  I am linking hyluni as a static already.  I think
>> there is some additional initialization I must do somewhere.
>> But at this point, I'm more concerned with the 33 megabytes being used
>> for just a partial initialization.
>> If these 33 megabytes are coming because somewhere something is
>> allocating 32 megabytes reserve heap, and then is going to
>> sub-allocate that for java objects, then I can probably modify this
>> behavior somehow to allocate as needed.  But if 33 megabytes are being
>> allocated for java initializations-  then it would take a whole lot of
>> work before I can use harmony.
>> It's really hard for me to believe that 33 megabytes are coming from
>> loaded classes.  I'll investigate more this week.  Hmm.. Maybe the
>> garbage collector needs to be invoked or something?
> IIRC, the java heap is about 4MB for simple HelloWorld, I guess the most of
> memory is consumed by vm, not classlib.
I guess most of those 33M are reserved by GC. Quick browsing shows
(working_vm\vm\gc_gen\src\common\gc_options.cpp) that by default
gc_gen sets min heap size as 1/10 of the default max heap which is
256M. Plus there are a bunch of various pools (vtables, jitted code,
classloaders, interned strings etc) pre-allocated by VM. Historically,
the DRLVM was mostly server-oriented so the default settings (size of
pools in particular) seem to be overkill for your purposes.

>> Does anyone know what the minimum memory usage is for an initialized
>> jvm before executing client code.. meaning after all of the necessary
>> initialization classes are loaded, but before any client app dependent
>> classes are loaded, etc etc etc etc?
> Will some profiling tools like Valgrind or strace can help to figure out who
> allocate the largest memory blocks?
Trace logs might help as well, drlvm has decent support of built-in
debug logging. It is enabled with -Xtrace option in debug build (run
with -X to get more details).

>> Currently the libraries I'm linking statically are:
>> apr-1.lib, ch.lib, em.lib, encoder.lib, harmonyvm.lib, hycommon.lib,
>> hyprt.lib, hythr.lib, hyzip.lib, icuuc34d.lib, interpreter.lib,
>> port.lib, verifier.lib, vmi.lib, zlib.lib, hyluni.lib,
>> gc_gen_uncomp.lib

AFAIR the icuuc is the best next candidate for ablation. It is quite
massive but useful mostly for exotic cases like fancy unicode strings
in classfile constant pools.

>> I'm doing the static JNI initialization via a table I'm adding to by
>> hand.. I was hoping to add the minimal set needed for initialization
>> and things I wanted to support, and then tell the linker to remove
>> dead code, and see what it removed.
Sorry for the dumb question, did you fix the classlib build to produce
static libs? I've seen you concentrated on the vm so far.

>> Happy New Year!!!

Thanks, and all the best wishes to you too!


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