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From Alexey Varlamov <alexey.v.varla...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: harmony vm as a lib
Date Sun, 27 Dec 2009 18:34:22 GMT
> At this point I'm trying to get the classes of
> "luni-kernal-stubs.jar" (which I renamed to kernal.jar)
Bad idea. This is the point of your failure - those are really
compilation stubs, just a blueprint of classlib-vm API.
There are real kernel classes implemented in DRLVM, unluckily buried
inside the source tree: working_vm\vm\vmcore\src\kernel_classes. You
should use them instead of luni-kernel-stubs.jar.

> and "luni.jar" to load.
> It seems to be getting through a few, and is crashing on java/lang/String.
> Why? I have no idea as of yet.  I guess that is tomorrow or Sunday.

Just because String.intern() delegates to kernel classes which are not
implemented in your setup. All you need is to switch to correct
kernel.jar, it is normally built as a part of DRLVM.

Good luck!

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