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From Ian Rogers <ian.rog...@manchester.ac.uk>
Subject Re: How to debug in JET code generation?
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 18:32:12 GMT
Great news on another DRLVM port! Having a common test suite of VM
unit tests would be useful for MRP [1], is there/could we create one
under Harmony? I'm thinking of tests like all the integer/long divide
corner cases and floating point remainder. I'd love to know a test
case where Intel's partial remainder actually needs to go around more
than once to produce the correct result.


[1] http://mrp.codehaus.org/

2009/12/14 Christopher Sabol <csabol@gmail.com>:
> For what's its worth, on MIPS it did some hacking to validate the basic ALU
> operations before moving on to get the standard classes to initialize.
> If you look up the MIPS patch that Charles sent out, I believe it still
> contains my "SIMPLE_START" define hack.  That define basically causes the
> DRLVM class initialization logic to not run a bunch of the standard
> initialization logic.   I haven't gotten around to pulling it out yet...
> Anyhow, I've also attached the simple kernel.jar and class files that
> basically do a number of unit tests in the java.lang.Object() constructor.
> When combined with SIMPLE_START, you can validate the generated assembly and
> output without having to have everything working.  There are a number of
> static native methods that the classes use to print output information, you
> can also get the implementation for those from the MIPS patch as well.
> Other than that I was using gdb a bunch and had the compile tracing turned
> on to validate the assembly.  I was generally running drlvm with the
> following command line:
> java -Xem:jet -verbose -Xtrace:vm.core.init -Xtrace:init -Xtrace:em
> -Xtrace:invoke -Xtrace:compile -Xtrace:harmonyvm -Xtrace:class
> -Xtrace:natives -Xdumpstubs -XX:jit.JET.arg.log=ct,sum,cg,layout,code
> -Xtrace:jitrino -Xtrace:vm.stack -Xtrace:exn -Xtrace:vm.helpers -jar dummy
> Assuming you are running big endian, you may want to pick up the ENDIAN
> changes from the MIPS patch, since those will be needed and are a pain to
> find.
> -Chris
> On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 9:13 AM, Egor Pasko <egor.pasko@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On the 0x687 day of Apache Harmony pillow wrote:
>> > Hi all:
>> >
>> > We are new in Harmony porting work.
>> >
>> > Now we want to port harmony DRLVM's JET to Sparc. We have implemented
>> > encoder and Lil compiler for this
>> wow, that's cool! what a surprise!
>> > platform and go to code generation phase.
>> >
>> > We want some advice that how to debug here easily.
>> GDB/DDD debugger should work fine on linux. Do you have some specific
>> problems to list here?
>> > If we want to run a HelloWorld program out, is it necessary to
>> > pass all library classes compilation with JET first?
>> Yes, absolutely. Hello World is written mostly in java, you will need
>> to compile a fair bunch of methods to run HelloWorld.
>> --
>> Egor Pasko

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