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From Tianwei <tianwei.sh...@gmail.com>
Subject The progress of MIPS patch work
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 13:51:57 GMT
Hi, all,
  I got some progress for applying  Charles's patch sent two weeks ago.
However, I also met some hard issues which I want to ask for suggestions.
I am totally new for harmony development, so I want to hear your valuable
suggestions for my work.
My experiments step are:
1. apply the patch on X86_64 (ubuntu 9.04)
    at this step, I also checkout a clean trunk, maintain two directories
    trunk and trunk-mips(patched by MIPS patch)
 after fixing some problems, I compare the testing result(ant test) for
these two versions, the result is same where I assume the modified patch
work on X86(no regression).
  for this step, the main problems of original patch are:
   a. there is some problem when using "unless", such as:
      --- working_vm/make/vm/interpreter.xml  (revision 833674)
+++ working_vm/make/vm/interpreter.xml  (working copy)
@@ -71,6 +71,7 @@
                 <exclude name="interp_native_ia32.cpp" unless="is.x86"/>
                 <exclude name="interp_native_ipf.cpp" unless="is.ia64"/>
                 <exclude name="interp_native_em64t.cpp"
+                <exclude name="interp_native_mips.cpp" unless="is.mips"/>
  b. the original patch has several problems under the
 working_vm/vm/jitrino/src/jet directory, so I do not use the diff for that

2. apply the patch on my MIPS machine
    at this step, I mainly fix a lot of ant make system error since the
original patch did not include the makefile patch as Charles said.
    typical fixes mainly include:
     a. copy the linux_ppc32.mk to linux_mips32.mk
     b. comment out the ABORT where I can not find the definition
+    <condition property="is.mips32">

+        <or>
+            <equals arg1="${os.arch}" arg2="mips32" />
+            <equals arg1="${os.arch}" arg2="mips" />
+        </or>
+    </condition>
+    <condition property="is.mips64">
+        <equals arg1="${os.arch}" arg2="mips64" />
+    </condition>
   d: manually build the icu-3.4 library since no prebuilt library package
   e: vmcore.xml
+                               <include
name="vmcore/src/util/mips/base_natives" if="is.mips32"/>
+                               <include name="port/src/encoder/mips"
+                               <include name="vmcore/src/lil/mips/include"
...................others minor fixes...........
3. after step 2, I finally can build the whole hdk(working_classlib,
working_vm, working_jdktools), then I tried to run the HelloWorld.java,
however, I met segmentation fault at the very begging of the launcher.
I debug this problem, and the following is my finding now:
   a. the gdb backtrace is:
(gdb) bt
#0  0x2aaf5164 in apr_initialize () at misc/unix/start.c:46
#1  0x2aaebecc in hythread_lib_create (lib=0x2ab299b0) at
#2  0x2aaebe54 in hythread_library_init () at
    b. when I use disass under gdb, I found that one instruction
in apr_initialize caused the problem:
        0x2aaf5160 <apr_initialize+28>: lui     v0,0x5
        0x2aaf5164 <apr_initialize+32>: lw      v1,-9760(v0)
    c. then I suspect its apr's problem, so I rebuilt the apr with -O0, then
first verify using the test/testall, all tests passed
        I even execute the test/sockperf alone, it also pass, note that
sockperf call apr_initialize in its main function, but no segmentation
       so I assume apr has no problems.
    d. then I rebuilt the hdk, but the segmentation problem still exists.
    e. finally I suspect that there may be some problem with gp issues, but
I have no clues. When checking how the launcher is built, I am confused with
libhythr.so, it seems that the launcher is first built under
working_classlib, link with libhythr.so under
working_classlib/modules/portlib/src/main/native/thread/, then after the
launcher is copied into working_vm, it will be linked with libhythr.so
under working_vm/vm/thread/src/, is that right?
       but I still can not figure out the root cause, can anyone give me
some suggestions for this hard issue, or someone also experienced similar
issues before?

the Summary:
   1. no regression on X86_64 for the MIPS patch
   2. buildable on MIPS for that patch
   3. running time error(segmentation fault) at the very begging of the
launcher on MIPS


Sheng, Tianwei
Inst. of High Performance Computing
Dept. of Computer Sci. & Tech.
Tsinghua Univ.

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