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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [general] voting for release
Date Wed, 25 Nov 2009 13:32:24 GMT
On 24/Nov/2009 08:49, Mark Hindess wrote:
> Please compare the votes on our last release thread:
>   http://markmail.org/thread/ih4gtirzvwqnveih
> with those on a similar thread on the apr dev list:
>   http://markmail.org/thread/zpitcpl5kvbfir4a
> I rather like the style of the apr vote.  Voting and saying what you
> did to evaluate the release puts the votes in context and gives anyone
> reading the vote thread a degree of confidence that if the release makes
> it out the door it will be of reasonable quality.
> As the originator of a vote, it makes me nervous when I see
> significantly more +1 votes than downloads.  The point of voting +1
> is to approve the artifacts for release.  Personally, I'd be very
> embarrassed if we released something with an obvious bug and I'd voted
> +1 for it.  There will undoubtedly be times when I'll vote +0 if I've
> not had time to test to my own satisfaction.
> Of course, the actual vote is a matter for the individual but I'd like
> to encourage everyone to put their vote in context if/when we come to
> vote on 5.0M12 and/or 6.0M1.

+1, after reading the e-mail in ISO-8859-1 using Thunderbird
and agreeing with it's contents in their entirety :-)


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