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From Regis <xu.re...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib] BufferedReader and FileInputStream.available()
Date Wed, 04 Nov 2009 01:42:48 GMT
enh wrote:
> [apologies for the probably-busted formatting in this mail, but i
> didn't actually receive the mail i'm replying to.]
> Mark Hindess wrote:
>> Our implementation of BufferedReader calls FileInputStream.available()
>> while the RI does not.
> well, it's InputStreamReader's fault, but "yes".
>> This is a problem because it means that the RI
>> can read certain types of files that our implementation can not - such
>> as /proc/mounts on Linux.  I will investigate this shortly.
> indeed. stat(2) will lie to you about many files in /proc too, which
> confuses people who [ignoring the obvious race] try to allocate a
> right-sized buffer before they start reading. the kernel really
> assumes you're going to use the traditional Unix "repeatedly call
> read(2) until it returns 0 at EOF" idiom. (which is fair enough, since
> it doesn't know what data it's going to return until you open the
> file.)
>> While looking at this I notice that our implementation of
>> FileInputStream.available() does:
>>  long currentPosition = fileSystem.seek(fd.descriptor, 0L,
>>                                         IFileSystem.SEEK_CUR);
>>  long endOfFilePosition = fileSystem.seek(fd.descriptor, 0L,
>>                                           IFileSystem.SEEK_END);
>>  fileSystem.seek(fd.descriptor, currentPosition, IFileSystem.SEEK_SET);
>>  return (int) (endOfFilePosition - currentPosition);
>> making three JNI calls.  It might be better to implement this as a
>> single JNI call - particularly since at the moment we seem to be calling
>> it more often than the RI.
> in Android -- where we have a Linux kernel and do want to be able to
> read files in /proc -- we already went this route. we effectively have
> an "available" in OSFileSystem. on Linux, we can use the FIONREAD
> ioctl(2).
> you already have this code lying around in harmony, but you only use
> it for stdin and ProcessInputStream. grep for FIONREAD and work your
> way back. (from my orthodox Unix perspective, distinguishing between
> regular files and ttys in the Java side is a mistake. only the native
> code for platforms that make such a distinction should pay for their
> mistake.)
> anyway, yeah, an intention-revealing "int OSFileSystem.available(int
> fd)" for the Java side, and letting the native side worry about how
> best to implement it sounds like a good idea.

It seems the same issue with HARMONY-6216. I was trying to fix it in java side 
but failed, implementing "available" in native side looks like a better way.

Best Regards,

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