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From Mark Hindess <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject Re: [classlib][modularity] Logging performance improvements (HARMONY-6362)
Date Thu, 12 Nov 2009 23:16:25 GMT

In message <96933a4d0911121432mb5e0d88we33965c32c578434@mail.gmail.com>,
enh writes:
> [btw, i followed the link, but didn't really understand what i was
> looking at or how it demonstrated the case.]

Sorry, I probably assumed too much history[0].  That link pointed to a
list of files that changed between releases of WebOS (the OS on the Palm
Pre).  If you examine the list of files you will find references to some
Harmony artifacts but not concurrent.jar.  One could assume that it just
didn't change but I doubt that is the case since jars tend to change
with any rebuild due to containing timestamps of included files.


[0] http://markmail.org/message/5gyqg3y6mswlp6gp

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