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From "keqiaoyang" <keqiaoy...@126.com>
Subject [drlvm][JET] problem in pass arguments in instrumentation
Date Thu, 29 Oct 2009 06:54:49 GMT
hi all
   I want to instrument the static field access, and coding at jet/cg_fld_arr.cpp: do_field_op()
a code sample:
   if(fieldOp.isStatic()) {
			Class_Handle klass = field_get_class(fieldOp.fld);
			if(fieldOp.isPut()) { //putstatic
				SYNC_FIRST(static const CallSig cs_put_sfield(CCONV_HELPERS,jvoid,jobj, jobj, jobj, iplatf));
				gen_call_vm(cs_put_sfield, rt_helper_putstatic,0, klass, fieldOp.fld , m_method, m_pc);

=========== I pass four parameters, in the runtime routine.
but in the jit_runtime_support.cxx, when handle the routine, I can not get the method name,
while the other three 
parameters is no problem.
any problem in the coding of pass parameters? who can help me, thanks for your help!


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