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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [result] [vote] Declare the signed source for r808406 as Milestone 11
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2009 15:22:31 GMT
On 31/Aug/2009 21:10, Mark Hindess wrote:
> Sorry, just fixing the tags in subject so that people don't miss this.
> -Mark.
> In message <200908312005.n7VK59eb005493@d06av01.portsmouth.uk.ibm.com>,
> Mark Hindess writes:
>> +1 votes from Tim, Sean, Regis, Tony, Ray, Pavel, Chunrong, Oliver and
>> myself.  No other votes, so the vote passes.
>> Thanks for testing the artefacts and voting.
>> The classlib/trunk code base and jdktools/trunk code base is now open
>> for commits again.
>> The java6 branches, drlvm and federated build trees will remain frozen
>> until we have completed a vote on a 6.0m1 release.
>> I'll upload linux/x86, linux/x86_64, and windows/x86 binaries.  I'll
>> also upload Debian packages for linux/x86 and linux/x86_64.  If anyone
>> can make windows/x86_64 binaries, from the signed artefacts, perhaps
>> we could also include them.

Cool.  Do you want me to update the download page?  I'm happy to do so.

For the record, here are the release notes for the 5.0M11 milestone.
Good work one and all!


Release Notes - Harmony - Version 5.0M11

** Sub-task
    * [HARMONY-6200] - [classlib][luni] - add cache for file's canonical

** Bug
    * [HARMONY-329] - [classlib][luni] Endless loop when using
Double.parseDouble(String) with certain types of value
    * [HARMONY-1767] -
[classlib][swing]javax.swing.text.ComponentView(Element) throws
unexpected NullPointerException on user's implementation
    * [HARMONY-1866] - [classlib][swing][test] j.s.t.StyleConstantsTest
    * [HARMONY-5813] - [site][doc] Wrong link in DRLVM Thread Manager doc
    * [HARMONY-5981] - [classlib][logging] FileHandler may throw
exception when logging to the same file by multiple thread
    * [HARMONY-6206] - [classlib][beans]
java.beans.EventSetDescriptor(String, Class<?, MethodDescriptor[],
Method, Method) throws a NullPointerException while RI doesn't
    * [HARMONY-6210] - [classlib][archive] Inflater.setInput crashes
when input is read 1 byte at a time
    * [HARMONY-6213] - [classlib][beans] XMLDecoder.readObject() should
not invoke org.xml.sax.SAXParseException
    * [HARMONY-6214] - [classlib][beans]
java.beans.XMLDecoder.XMLDecoder(InputStream inputStream, Object owner,
ExceptionListener listener) should not throw IllegalArgumentException
    * [HARMONY-6215] - [classlib][beans]
java.beans.XMLEncoder.writeExpression(Expression null) should throw
    * [HARMONY-6218] - [classlib][lang-management]
java.lang.management.MemoryUsage.from(CompositeData cd) should throw
IlegalArgumentException but not NullPointerException
    * [HARMONY-6230] - [classlib][archive] ZipEntry close() leaves
ZipInputStream in an inconsistent state
    * [HARMONY-6231] - [classlib][text] DateFormat does not consider lenient
    * [HARMONY-6234] - [classlib][nio] FileChannel.transferTo should not
check the upper bound of position and count
    * [HARMONY-6235] - [jdwp] dt_socket.so missing from Linux federated
    * [HARMONY-6236] - [classlib][luni] ArrayList breaks when given
concurrent collections as input
    * [HARMONY-6237] - [classlib][luni] HashMap doesn't support proxy
object as keys
    * [HARMONY-6242] - Math.max(double, double) gives wrong answer when
Math.max(-0.0d, 0.0d)
    * [HARMONY-6244] - [classlib][beans] java.beans.XMLEncoder fails to
write SystemColor.activeCaption object correctly
    * [HARMONY-6245] - NoSuchMethod error with three-level hierarchy
    * [HARMONY-6246] - Crash during debugging session
    * [HARMONY-6248] - [classlib][security] Wildcard subjectAltName
dNSName entries throw IOException
    * [HARMONY-6254] - [classlib][luni] URLStreamHandler throws NPE when
creating external form
    * [HARMONY-6256] - [classlib][awt] Incorrect test of transformation
type when clipping
    * [HARMONY-6259] - [classlib][luni] PipedInputStream.read throw
different info when IOException is raised
    * [HARMONY-6261] - [classlib][luni] Float parse causes
    * [HARMONY-6262] - Harmony's java.util.concurrent is out of date
    * [HARMONY-6266] - Building in release mode fails with gcc version 4.3.3
    * [HARMONY-6267] - [classlib][text] Implementation of
AttributedCharacterIterator.Attribute.equals should only return true if
objects are the same
    * [HARMONY-6268] - [classlib][luni] Math.min fails when comparing
doubles and floats with the same values
    * [HARMONY-6270] - [classlib][swing] JSlider problem with non-zero
minimum values
    * [HARMONY-6271] - [classlib][math] BigDecimal.divide should throw
an ArithmeticException instead of OutOfMemory for too large scales
    * [HARMONY-6274] - [jdwp][java6] Garbled output in JDWP trace
    * [HARMONY-6276] - [luni][lang] Float.toString() can give wrong
string and throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on AIX 32bit
    * [HARMONY-6277] - Timer's finalizer throws an NPE if the Timer
wasn't constructed properly
    * [HARMONY-6279] - [classlib][luni] file.encoding is always set to
ISO-9959-1 if using drlvm
    * [HARMONY-6286] - TimeUnit.MINUTES, HOURS, DAYS shouldn't be
present in Java 5
    * [HARMONY-6290] - BufferedReader.readLine() breaks at EBCDIC
newline, violating the spec
    * [HARMONY-6292] - [classlib][luni] subList(int, int).size() should
also check concurrent modification when the origin changes
    * [HARMONY-6293] - [classlib][luni] PipedWriter.flush should throw
IOException if pipe is closed (Java 6 only)
    * [HARMONY-6294] - [classlib][nio_char] Character mapping difference
to RI for IBM-1047 charset
    * [HARMONY-6299] - ioctl() doesn't work on z/OS when the pipe is set
up with pipe() function
    * [HARMONY-6301] - There are 2 unused member in java.util.Locale
    * [HARMONY-6302] - [classlib][nio] Encoding bug in
    * [HARMONY-6308] - [classlib][nio_char] Character mapping difference
to RI for IBM037 charset
    * [HARMONY-6310] - [classlib][luni]test
failed on z/OS

** Improvement
    * [HARMONY-984] - [testing] collect module test directories to test jars
    * [HARMONY-6094] - [classlib][luni]  Performance improvement patch
in java.io.PushbackInputStream#unread(byte[] buffer, int offset, int length)
    * [HARMONY-6095] - [classlib][luni] Performance improvement patch
for java.text.DateFormatSymbols.DateFormatSymbols(Locale)
    * [HARMONY-6187] - [jdktools][jdwp] Contribution of updated JDWP
agent and socket transport layer for Java 6
    * [HARMONY-6239] - [classlib][text]text module doesn't need to
import java.awt.font while the manifest.mf file does
    * [HARMONY-6240] - [classlib][pack200]
org.apache.harmony.pack200.BandSet should specify effortThresholds as a
share field of this class
    * [HARMONY-6241] -
java.text.SimpleDateFormat.SimpleDateFormat(String, Locale) performance
can be improved
    * [HARMONY-6243] - [classlib][pack200] Pack200 cmd line should print
message when user packs y.jar file into y.jar.pack without specifing
--no-gzip option
    * [HARMONY-6250] - [classlib][luni] Timer documentation: clarify
which time units used
    * [HARMONY-6255] - Implementation of createJar method
    * [HARMONY-6265] - [classlib][luni] Improve the performance of HashMap
    * [HARMONY-6295] - shiftLeftOneBit Javadoc

** New Feature
    * [HARMONY-6264] - Need a new native method: VM.getStackClass()
    * [HARMONY-6278] - [classlib] Upgrade icu4j 4.0 to the latest icu4j
    * [HARMONY-6282] - [jdktools] [rmi] we should create the stubs from
rmic, rmid and rmiregistry

** Test
    * [HARMONY-6058] - [classlib][prefs] - remove
FilePreferencesImplTest from exclude list

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