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From Alexei Kaigorodov <alexei.kaigoro...@googlemail.com>
Subject VM tests: where are assertions?
Date Wed, 09 Sep 2009 18:28:37 GMT
I am looking at


 <Author value="Alexander D. Shipilov"/>
   Tests bitwise double notion for dadd instruction.
   dadd two double values and compare bitwise result with bitwise long.
   Two input double values constructed from two long values.
   The last 6 bits masks according to IEEE 754 standard.

   Covered assertions assert_instr23a043 assert_instr23a045
assert_instr23a046 assert_instr23a056

Where are those covered assertions like assert_instr23a043
assert_instr23a045 etc?
I guess they are taken from VM spec, but the spec itself does not
contain those identifiers.


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