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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [proposal] Minimum class set for customer application
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 09:59:09 GMT
On 22/Jul/2009 10:49, Daniel Gong wrote:
> Hi Liqian,
>     As Jimmy said in the list, there are two projects of GSoC with the same
> subject "smallest class set for customer application". I am the other guy
> working on it, mentored by Regis. I'm very glad to see you are very
> interested in it. Leaving alone the gsoc case, we are both interested in
> this project and want to contribute to it. Hope we can discuss it sometime:)

Just go ahead an hold your conversation on this mailing list.

There is no problem with two people working in the same area.  I'm sure
Regis can figure out your (Daniel) relative contribution in order to
report back to the GSoC programme.  Indeed, having a partner to work
with should make the whole thing go faster and enable you to achieve
even better results!


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