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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [result] Accept JDWP contribution in HARMONY-6187
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2009 11:23:19 GMT
On 15/Jul/2009 09:38, Oliver Deakin wrote:
> I committed the classlib part of this patch last week and am ready to
> commit the working_jdktools part now. There are two issues I have come
> across:
> 1) In trace output, the seconds part of the time stamp is garbled. I'm
> not sure exactly what is causing this right now, but I get a feeling
> there might be a problem in our str_ftime port library function.
> 2) On Linux, I see a crash during shutdown when debugging. It appears
> that as the JDWP agent is shutting down it starts freeing up some of the
> resources it's been using, including the sockets, before other parts of
> the agent are finished using them. We then make a
> hysock_set_nonblocking() call with what appears to be a null/bad socket,
> and this crashes having passed that socket to ioctl() [1]. It looks to
> be a timing issue - I think the shutdown phase of the agent needs closer
> inspection to make sure that resources are not freed while they are
> still being used.
> Although these issues still exist, I would like to commit the code to
> the Java 6 branch so I can continue working on fixes for them directly
> in Harmony, rather than my local workspace, and also to allow others to
> try out the new agent. Once committed, Ill raise a JIRA for both of
> these issues to keep track of them.
> Does anyone have any comments/objections to my committing the code in
> it's current state?

Go for it.  Assuming it does not break any of the existing committer
tests then you'll have time to fix it up before the next milestone.


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