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From Tim Ellison <t.p.elli...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: [admin] Reminder of mailing list terms
Date Wed, 08 Jul 2009 12:50:04 GMT
Oh, I see what you mean ... the contribution policy for authorized

Yep, I'll fix it and send out a test of the message.


On 08/Jul/2009 13:40, Tim Ellison wrote:
> On 08/Jul/2009 12:59, Mark Hindess wrote:
>> The text should probably be updated to replace "here" in the last
>> bullet point with an appropriate URL.
> If people are reading the note they are already accessing the dev list.
>  Do you really think "here" is more descriptive?
> I can spell it out if you think there will be any confusion.
> Regards,
> Tim
>> In message <4A546FF7.7030500@gmail.com>, Tim Ellison writes:
>>> I noticed that these mail messages have not been sent for a while, so I
>>> will reinstate them.  From now on they will be sent via a cron job on
>>> the first of the month.
>>> These are the terms of the mailing list...
>>> Regards,
>>> Tim
>>> --------
>>> This is a monthly automated mailing to the Apache Harmony dev list.
>>> The Apache Harmony project welcomes the participation and input of
>>> anyone interested in open source Java platform, the goal of our project.
>>> For more information about the Apache Harmony project, please see the
>>> project website.
>>>   http://harmony.apache.org/
>>> The terms of use for the Harmony mail lists can be found here :
>>>   http://harmony.apache.org/mailing.html
>>> and they are
>>>   This forum has been created for public communication about
>>>   projects of The Apache Software Foundation (the "Foundation"),
>>>   a Delaware nonprofit corporation classified as a public charity
>>>   under 501(c)(3). All communication intentionally submitted to
>>>   the Foundation on this forum is considered a Contribution to the
>>>   Foundation unless otherwise noted in the communication. The terms
>>>   and conditions that apply to your Contributions are defined by
>>>   either a contributor license agreement (CLA) signed by you and/or
>>>   your employer or, if no such CLA is on file at the Foundation,
>>>   by the terms and conditions of Contributions as defined by the
>>>   Apache License, Version 2.0.
>>> Note :
>>>   * If you do not wish your post to be a Contribution, we would
>>>     prefer that you do not post it. However, in the event that
>>>     you do, please mark as "NOT A CONTRIBUTION" at the top of
>>>     the posting.
>>>   * Do not post any code that is not your original work, or code
>>>     that you do not have clear authorization to contribute.
>>>   * Do not engage in detailed discussion of any implementation
>>>     that you have been exposed to unless such implementation is
>>>     your own implementation or available to everyone under an
>>>     open source license compatible with the Apache License, Version 2.
>>>   * Under no circumstances will any committer accept code for
>>>     inclusion in our SVN repository contributed on the mailing
>>>     list unless it is from an Authorized Contributor, as defined here.
>>> If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask on the
>>> dev list.
>>> If there are any questions that are of a private or sensitive nature,
>>> please send them to
>>>      private@harmony.apache.org

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