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From David Gilbert <david.gilb...@object-refinery.com>
Subject Bug in Java2D (while running JFreeChart demo)
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 07:44:40 GMT
There is a bug in Harmony's BasicStroke implementation that causes an  
exception while running DialDemo2.java from the JFreeChart demo  
collection.  There are some details in this blog entry I posted:


I'll be honest - I think you have a *lot* of work to do before anyone  
would consider using Harmony's Java2D and/or Swing implementations in  
production systems.  And yet the public perception seems to be that  
Harmony is ready and waiting?  Well, that's been the perception of a  
couple of my clients at least, and I've had to put them straight.  A  
five minute demo did that pretty effectively.  I think your marketing  
is getting ahead of your engineering.


Dave Gilbert

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