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From "Mark Hindess" <mark.hind...@googlemail.com>
Subject [M10] Fixing README/NOTICE/LICENSE files
Date Wed, 03 Jun 2009 14:45:27 GMT

There appear to be several (non-functional) changes needed to fix the
two remaining JIRA for M10.  I'd like to commit the attached patch.  Do
any other committers approve this?

The patch fixes:

* Rewrite working_vm/make/resources/readme.txt to include the text from the
  generic README I sent to the list earlier.

* Fix the tag replacement during the existing copy for the above readme.txt
  such that:
  - it is copied to README to be more consistent with the LICENSE/NOTICE files
  - replaces the tags in the target (not the source!) so we don't accidentally
    check in/release a windows x86 specific version this time.

* Make sure the jdk/jre/README file is included at (only) the top-level
  in the hdk and jdk artifacts.

* Create a README in the source of the federation build.  (It might
  be less confusing if the README for svn source was different than the
  README for tar source since the build instructions are different but we
  can discuss that for M11 perhaps.)

* Make sure LICENSE/NOTICE files are added to kernel jars.

* Make sure LICENSE/NOTICE files are added to the test support.jar
  (including re-ordering hy.hdk property to make sure it is defined before
  the common properties.xml is imported.)

* Fix various things to make sure the top-level LICENSE/NOTICE files
  take priority over those from components - mostly to avoid getting the
  classlib LICENSE file which doesn't cover ICU4C.

Checking this means doing something like:

  ant bundle-src
  # untar/unzip the target/apache-harmony-src... artifact
  cd apache-harmony-src-r780017
  # check the LICENSE/NOTICE/README [0]
  ant fetch-depends build bundle-hdk bundle-jdk bundle-jre
  # for each of the three (hdk/jdk/jre) archives created in target check:
  #   1) They contain correct LICENSE/NOTICE/README [0]
  #   2) Any of our jars within the archive contain correct NOTICE/LICENSE

Hopefully this covers both the outstanding JIRA for M10.  Can someone
please sanity check this[1]?


[0] Be sure to check that the LICENSE file covers ICU4C since I managed to
    find several ways in which the classlib LICENSE (which doesn't need
    ICU4C) was getting used in the wrong place.

[1] As Oli could confirm I've spent all day cursing about the many ways
    to get this wrong so it really would not surprise me if someone finds
    yet another one.

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