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From Oliver Deakin <oliver.dea...@googlemail.com>
Subject [result] Accept JDWP contribution in HARMONY-6187
Date Fri, 15 May 2009 11:35:37 GMT
+1 votes from Sean, Jimmy, Gregory, Jim, Alexey, Nathan, Regis, Kevin, 
Pavel, Sian, Alexei, Mark, Tim, Tony and Ilya.

No other votes, so the vote passes.

Thanks all for voting - I will wait until after M10 to check in the code 
since we are about to enter feature freeze.


Oliver Deakin wrote:
> Hi all,
> It's been a week since I sent out the initial mail about this 
> contribution and opinion seems positive so I'd like to open a vote to 
> officially accept the contribution.
> [ ] +1 Accept this contribution
> [ ] -1 Reject this contribution because...
> I'll conclude the vote in 3 days as usual, unless anyone needs more time.
> Regards,
> Oliver
> Oliver Deakin wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> A little while ago, IBM created a mirror of the Java 6 jdktools 
>> branch so that we could start bringing Harmony JDWP into the IBM Java 
>> releases. We began working in that mirror because it was convenient 
>> for our internal builds, with a plan to reflect all changes we made 
>> back into Harmony as we went. Unfortunately, as deadlines drew in and 
>> releases came and went those plans did not come into fruition - until 
>> now :)
>> I'd like to announce the contribution of an enhanced Java 6 level 
>> JDWP agent and socket transport layer. It has been attached to 
>> HARMONY-6187 [1] for everyone to try out - please take a look. It has 
>> the following enhancements:
>> - A large number of bug fixes.
>> - Ported to a wide variety of platforms - Linux x86/x86_64, Linux PPC 
>> 32/64, zLinux 31/64, Windows x86/x86_64, AIX PPC 32/64 and zOS 31/64.
>> - As part of the porting process, all non-portable C++ usage has been 
>> removed and rewritten, particularly use of C++ standard libraries.
>> - JSR 45 support implemented. The new JDWP agent allows debugging of 
>> non-Java stratum code running on the VM, for example JSPs.
>> - Significant performance improvements.
>> All authors already have ACQs recorded. There may be some more work 
>> to be done to get the new JDWP functioning 100% with Harmony, but I'd 
>> rather do that work out in the open once it is committed. Please let 
>> me know if there are any objections/comments to this contribution! 
>> I'll give it a few days and then start a vote.
>> Regards,
>> Oliver
>> [1] https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/HARMONY-6187

Oliver Deakin
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