Hello everyone

Since I get no reply since my last mail ,I check the archive and found that
"An error occured while fetching this message"

Maybe some got wrong on delivering the mail.
So I re-send the mail here and hope nothing wrong this time.

Hi ,
To your second question ,I am a bit confused by that too 
As far as I know ,the booting procedure is not specified in the OSGi spec.There are some useful informantion in the doc of implementations,such as Equinox and Felix .
Take Felix for example ,you could boot it by standard procedure or by custom .But there should always be a host program to start lanch and do some initial work.  For a large program such as eclipse you can first run the host program and then the embeded OSGi .But what is the case for small one ?For a simple "hello world ",it is unnecessary and unwise to sun a host program much larger. Where should be the host program reside in Harmony or should it reside in harmony?Or I just got the wrong idea about the "Harmony OSGi-ed".
For the first one, since Harmony is highly modularized in the Vm and library ,so it is a good thing for OSGi I think.
Third , no...
Tian Yu