Hi ,
To your second question ,I am a bit confused by that too 
As far as I know ,the booting procedure is not specified in the OSGi spec.There are some useful informantion in the doc of implementations,such as Equinox and Felix .
Take Felix for example ,you could boot it by standard procedure or by custom .But there should always be a host program to start lanch and do some initial work.  For a large program such as eclipse you can first run the host program and then the embeded OSGi .But what is the case for small one ?For a simple "hello world ",it is unnecessary and unwise to sun a host program much larger. Where should be the host program reside in Harmony or should it reside in harmony?Or I just got the wrong idea about the "Harmony OSGi-ed".
For the first one, since Harmony is highly modularized in the Vm and library ,so it is a good thing for OSGi I think.
Third , no...
Tian Yu

2009/4/2 Jin Mingjian <jin.phd@gmail.com>
Tian, good idea for proposal:) I am a bit familiar with OSGI:) I'd
like to some questions,

1. How do you think the the functionality of already existed osgi
things in current harmony?
2. How do you think the starting point of osgi service in the JVM
booting sequence?
3. Do you have some use cases/scenarios about your four subtasks?

2009/4/2 tian galaxy <harmonymail.ty@gmail.com>:
> Hi All :
> My name is Tian Yu ,I am a post graduate students from Shanghai Jiaotong
> University .
> I have just submit proposal for the summer code on Harmony OSGi.I want to
> send all of you a copy of my proposal cause I know my plan could not be the
> best one and need further improvement .So suggestions and comments of any
> kind is welcome and will be appreciated .
> I paste the detailed description below .
> *Detailed Description:*
> OSGi has a lot of advantages due to its ability to manage modules'
> dependences and the service it provided,like you could register different
> versions of bundles of the type simutaneously and let the user to choose
> according to version numbers ,not the classpath.
> Apache Harmony JRE implementation has already been designed to be
> modularized and least coupled amongest the module .
> If we could integrate the two together , we will bring great  flexibility to
> the development and update of Harmony.And more importantly this will be more
> attractive to users for it is more easy to use Since you could pick which
> module, which version , which package to use .More than one version of the
> this same module could also be used in one application.
> So this is a very meaningful and interesting project .
> I already have some draft ideas of how to implement this but any suggestions
> and comments are welcome and will be appreciated.
> I think our project could be further divede into four subtasks
> Subtask 1: As we  all know there are already several successful
> implementations of OSGi  ,the most popular ones are Equinox ,Knopferfish
> ,Felix .I think since Equinox and Felix are more related to Harmony ,we
> could investigate on them to see how they could help us on this if
> permitted. (I have installed both of them on my PC and  run some small
> programs I wrote on them .I found both of them are easy to use , more
> impressived by OSGi itself.)
> Subtask 2: Though the modularization structure of Harmony has made this
> project a lot easier than it should be , there also are  many tough issues
> we should handle.The dependecies issue if one the main issues should be
> concerned with.As the ability to handle dependecy is one of main attributes
> of OSGi , the development of dependency structure is very important .I think
> harmony may already has many information and conclusions of the mutual
> dependency between modules .So the work is to develop the dependency
> structure suits OSGi and Harmony best . I think its necessary to make a more
> comprehensive investigation on the inner structure of Harmony .
> Subtask 3: With 3 month it is hard to make huge changes .So we may borrow
> some ideas of the implementation of J2EE ,as  to add an extra interface to
> the class loader and make some adaptations .First of all , a bundle to
> manage the OSGi itself is needed and should be loaded first .This module
> should be able to manage the information of each bundle such as dependecy
> ,and should be able to provide services to core to OSGi (Fisrt to implement
> the functions very core in the OSGi spec then add more). When we need extra
> classes to load into the VM , we should load it through the OSGi manage
> bundle:first examine which package , bundle the class belongs to  in the
> list of registered bundles using dependency information then load the
> specified package .
> Subtask 4 : We could incorporate some module into Harmony to help the
> development of OSGi programm ,as what the "bnd" do (if there is still enough
> time ).This could futher reveal Harmony's advantage and feature as an
> OSGi-ed JDK.
> Time available :
> At least 3 month(May-August) .Actually could start to prapare any time
> before that  .More than 5 hours one day .